February Sermons

This month we are focusing on Religious Liberty. Once again we find ourselves in a contentious election season in the United States. The scriptures admonish us to never fight spiritual battles with earthly weapons. As the moral fabric of society decays around us, we should not look to politics for solutions, but pray to the Creator and Redeemer who brings justice and has mercy for all people. It is appropriate to speak up and stand in defense of our own freedoms, but not at the expense of others. In this we follow the example of Jesus who perfectly modeled the love of God. Our Father grants freedom and gives the dignity of choice to all. He is never coercive. While we pray for God's intervention on earth, we are to love the people around us and work for their good. When we find ourselves disagreeing with others (about politics, religion, and any number of other things) let us listen well, and notice when our own fear gets in the way of honest and respectful engagement, asking God to take away our fear with His perfect love. 

To get the most out of the weekly sermon, study the passage ahead of time. As you study, prayerfully invite the Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts.

Use these questions as a guide:

  1. What does the passage say? Capture the gist of the passage in one sentence.
  2. What does it say about God/Jesus? Be succinct and to the point.
  3. What does it say about me? Hear God speak to your needs through His Word.

February 3

The King and the Furnace

Daniel 3:13-25

Ryan Ashlock

February 10

Everything to Give

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12

James Reynaert 

February 17



Amireh Al-Haddad

February 24

The Lamb and the Dragon

Revelation 13:11-18

Ryan Ashlock


An archive of recent sermons is available in our resources collection